F8 is a collective formed of photographers and creative practitioners, who use visual storytelling to communicate and inspire cultural understanding and personal development. Primarily working under the creative umbrella of ‘documentary photographer’, many members’ practices deal with current social issues and their ongoing development, creating fully curated bodies of work for each project.

Unlike the daily accessible works of photojournalists, F8 members’ projects can take weeks, months, even years, to be completed. As such, through working as a collective, members are able to provide a structure of support for each other that encourages professional development and provides a level of individual support not easily found when starting out within established media and art institutions.

F8 also works with local communities and youth centres to provide an insight into the world of documentary photography. Recently, F8 have been collaborating with Spiral, an organisation bringing young adults and industry professionals together to improve the former’s career prospects. They do this through interactive workshops and seminars.